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Dongguan ChenKe Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the R & D, manufacturing and sales of lens and light source components in machine vision industry of automation industry. The company takes the continuous R & D of optical mechanical and electrical technology as the core competitiveness, the honest and professional sales and first-class service as the development power, and the strict standards and top-level manufacturing team as the basis to provide the automation industry with high-quality industrial lens and light source products and professional technical services.
The company's independent R & D and production of industrial lens series products, starting with fixed focus lens, extends and develops optical lens series products covering far center lens, line scan lens, macro lens, F-Port lens, zoom lens, medical lens and other fields, and has the ability to provide customers with customized design schemes, processing and manufacturing lens; the goal is to develop into a high-tech international standard Our products are world-famous first-class industrial lens manufacturers covering various fields.
The company has a complete range of supporting complete product system, covering hundreds of models of standard light sources, can borrow all kinds of light sources, and provide timely, accurate and professional lighting services. The company's top R & D team of optical and mechanical equipment has the R & D and manufacturing capabilities of various customized light sources, such as 3D scanning light source, precision far center light source and super power special light source. It can provide customized services for various light sources according to customer needs.

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